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Mike Thrasher Presents:
w/ Wheelright

Tuesday, May 24th, 2022 8:00PM *MOVED FROM WHITE EAGLE*
Hawthorne Theatre Lounge
21 & Over only with valid photo ID
No refunds or exchanges.

THE HU – Black Thunder Tour

Mike Thrasher Presents:
THE HU – Black Thunder Tour
w/ The Haunt

Monday, April 25th, 2022 8:00PM
Roseland Theater
All Ages General Admission Floor | 21 & Over Reserved Seating Balcony
No refunds or exchanges. Tickets are non-transferable. Will Call name changes not permitted.

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VIP – The HU VIP Meet & Greet Experience 
– One General Admission Concert Ticket 
– Access to The Hu’s VIP Meet & Greet At The Show* 
– One Individual Photo Opportunity With The Hu* 
– One, VIP Only Laminate, Autographed by The Hu 
– A $25 Tour Merchandise Credit** 
– Priority Entry into the Venue 
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– Limited Availability 
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Mike Thrasher Presents:

Thursday, January 24, 2019 8:00pm
Hawthorne Theatre

21 & Over Only
No refunds or exchanges.

East Of Eli

Mike Thrasher Presents:
Shae Altered

Saturday, March 3, 2018 8:00pm
Hawthorne Theatre Lounge
21 & Over only with valid photo ID
No refunds or exchanges.

The Devil Makes Three

The Roadhouse on KEXP + Showbox Presents


WIth Scott H. Biram + Ditrani Brothers


  • SAT, NOVEMBER 11, 2017
  • 8:00 PM
  • $27.50 – $30.00
  • All Ages to Enter, 21 & Over to Drink
  • Showbox SoDo

City and Colour

City and Colour

Saturday, September 30, 2017
The Paramount Theatre 206-467-5510
911 Pine Street, Seattle, WA
9pm (doors open at 8pm). All Ages.
Advance tix from Ticketmaster.


There’s a line that I’m trying to find, between the water and the open sky,”
sings Dallas Green on
“Friends,” the penultimate track off of his fifth release as City and Colour,
If I Should Go Before You. For
someone like Green, it’s hard to imagine that there’s much left to search for

he’s traversed the globe
on tour, released numerous albums (one most recently as You+Me with Alecia
Moore, aka P!nk) and
collected scores of accolades. Though Green is a musician, he doesn’t make a show
of things: that’s the
songs’ job. Thus he’s done this all quietly, intentionally, still
looking for the next answer or dog-eared
chapter each record holds. And this time, on If I Should Go Before You
, he once again uncovered
something new: a certain kind of family in his bandmates.
“It’s been a very special two years for me,” says Green, about the period since the
release of 2013’s The
Hurry and the Harm, which has seen him touring with the consistent ensemble
of Dante Schwebel
(guitar: Dan Auerbach, Rumba Shaker), Doug MacGregor (drums: Constantines), Jack Lawrenc
e (bass:
The Raconteurs, Dead Weather) and multi-instrumentalist Matt Kelly. “They i
nspired me to want to
create new music, just to create it with them

I don’t think I wrote these songs for the band, per se, but
I certainly wrote them because of the band.”
Green had always been an introspective, solitary writer, demoing songs in his b
asement, working up
every instrumental part by himself. But he considers If I Should Go Before Yo
u to be a band record,
where the input of these trusted comrades was of the upmost importance. Even m
ore pivotal was trying
to capture the essence of their live show symbiosis in the studio; which
comes through with an
undeniable force. For a project that was very much about the inner world o
f Green, these relationships
have morphed City and Colour into something with more emotive powe
r than ever before: the layers go
beyond just music and lyrics, into the people creating the songs th
“Anybody who has seen us play will understand that this is the best represen
tation of what we do live
that we have ever recorded,” says Green. “I was so excited about being able to make an
d record an
album with these guys that it just flowed. I felt so confident abou
t their abilities to make all of my ideas
come true.”
But there was one thing that Green did want to do himself this time: produ
ce the record. He returned to
Blackbird Studios in Nashville, where The Hurry and the Harm was made, but deci
ded to take the
production reigns himself, with the help of friend Karl Bareham as his partner and
engineer, along with
the masterful mixing skills of Jaquire King (Dawes, Kings of Leon, Tom Wait
s). Everyone who had a hand
in the making of the record was or became part of the City and Colou
r family. Green’s songs have always
had a striking, visceral feel that pumps through the veins like oxygen,
and, this time, it became a sort of
translatable DNA.
Along the way, Nashville has come to be a special refuge for Green

it’s a city he’s gotten to know for
several years now while not in his native Toronto, Canada, and he even recentl
y purchased a home in
the town. “In Toronto, I think of what I have to do,” he says. “In
Nashville, I think of everything I have
Indeed, it’s a perfect time to think of everything he has done – and
If I Should Go Before You is a

celebration of that. With instrumentation recorded live off the floor, it
comprises every part of the
person Green has become over the years: chugging ballads that tug at the g
ut, aching confessionals set
to slicing guitars, little licks of pedal steel for his new southern-swep
t soul, moody distortion from punk
rock roots. Though he’s recorded in many incarnations, If I Should Go
Before You acts like a roadmap
through all of them, showing that none of these were simply “projects,
” but they were part of the same
The album opens with the sweeping, “Woman,” a track that very well coul
d be a surprise to those who
might expect a simpler, acoustic-
sed entrance gate. At over nine minutes long, it’s a sultry and
dynamic ode to everlasting love expressed through a powerful, layered build
of sounds and emotions
like a complex sweep of watercolors

a percussive heartbeat, echoing riffs, Green’s grounded yet
ethereal falsetto. You can almost picture the stage lights spiral across a crowded
auditorium; it moves
with a life outside just the studio walls. Rare does a record strike a perfect balan
ce between the live
sound and studio magic; but this is one of them, that captures th
e synchronicity of Green and the band
at its best both at the controls and on stage, through songs l
ike the deconstructed waltz of the title
track, a devastating request to a cherished lover.
“It’s about the idea of loving someone so much you want them to m
ove on if you were to go, but loving
them so much you wouldn’t want to if they did,” Green says. “But, i
n my head, it also says, ‘if I were to
go, I give you this record to listen to.'” It’s a sentiment that ex
presses just how strongly he feels this
album is a key to past, present and future. That’s further evidenced in “Fr
iends,” written as a heartfelt
ode to his new musical family, set to a pedal steel that sounds like i

s weathered too many winters, but
finally feeling the melt; or the razor cuts of “Wasted Love,” where the con
fessions of a failed romance
are echoed by licks of visceral guitar that plays in wordless response.
Green began recording as City and Colour in 2005, with Sometimes, follo
wed by 2008

s Bring Me Your
Love and 2011

s Little Hell, and has experienced huge success both on the charts and the
road. All four
previous studio albums have achieved platinum status in Canada, while Lit
tle Hell is also now Gold in
Australia. The Hurry and the Harm debuted at #16 in the USA on the Billb
oard chart, # 1 on Canada

s Top
200 Chart and #4 in Australia, as City and Colour’s highest debut. H
e also released four records as part of
Alexisonfire, which have all received Gold and Platinum certification in
Canada, as well as 2014’s rose
ave. as You+Me with P!nk, which made its entrance at #1 on the Canadian Al
bums Chart, # 4 in the USA,
#2 in Australia and #6 in Germany .
On If I Should Go Before You, Green may have found one answer to what lies between
the water and
that open sky: it’s the people we hold close, and the art born ou
t of friendship. But he will always be
searching; and thus, there will always be more songs. Though this time,
when he’s ready to share them
again, he’ll know exactly who to turn to.
As he sings on “Northern Blues,” “I’ve got too much in front of
me. I didn’t leave enough behind.”

Monqui Presents: PASSENGER w/ THE PAPER KITES, All Ages

All ages are welcome! All sales final. No refunds or exchanges.

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